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With a clean roof, your home will have the beauty it had before the dirt and grime invaded it. Your shingle life will be increased by up to 50% with a soft wash cleaning.

A clean roof will save you money and keep your roof from deteriorating. With mold, mildew, algae, and fungus being in the top 10 irritants list, these irritants can cause major health issues if your roof is not properly cleaned. You can count on the Sharky Clean cleaning process to clean your roof and improve the health of you and your family.


Everyone knows that a dirty trash can be a hazardous, dangerous, and unsafe area. It will attract all kinds of pests including insects that you do not need around your home. Let the pros at Sharky Clean keep you safe and free of all those nasty insects and critters.


Patios are a great place for family gatherings and relaxing in the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, with the weather also comes with lots of dirt and debris. That is why Sharky Clean restores concrete, brick, or paver patios to their natural luster everyday. We specialize in exterior pressure washing and steam cleaning services. We clean all sized patios. Whether you are preparing your patio for a party or just want to enjoy your backyard, call Sharky Clean to clean your patio the right way. We use 3500 PSI and 240 degree steam to ensure we remove all debris and stains. Call today for a free patio cleaning quote!


Are you still looking for a great window cleaning service that leaves a streak free shine to all the windows on your property?

Sharky Clean is the window cleaning company you have been waiting for! We are quickly becoming known as the premier window cleaning company. We clean the outside of your residential windows. Our window cleaners leave a streak and spot-free shine to all the windows on your property the first time we clean them.

We squeegee clean windows using bio-degradable window cleaner products.  In addition, Sharky Clean is your first choice for pressure washing services, so we offer great discounts to customers who utilize our company for both window cleaning and power washing services.

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Do you have cobwebs, bird waste, or dirt riddling the exterior of your home? Just call Sharky Clean to remove the dirt and debris from your house.
We are your premier house washing service. We wash the exterior of your house. Whether you have a 1-story or 3-story home, we will have your home looking new again. Utilizing our exterior house washing equipment we can reach the tops of any sized home.

We clean houses from top to bottom using low pressure and soft washing techniques that will not damage or etch the exterior of your house. We use specialized spraying nozzles that allow us to lower our machine’s pressure so our technicians don’t chip paint or hit your home too hard. We simply remove dirt, bird waste, debris, and cobwebs from your home to restore the exterior of your house.


Does your driveway have oil, rust, and tire mark stains all over it? Just Call The Pros!
Sharky Clean specializes in driveway cleaning. We clean all size driveways. We can successfully remove oil stains from concrete using bio-degradable enzymes and degreasers.

We remove rust stains from car batteries and remove all tire marks from vehicle parking. It is recommended that you clean your driveway on at least a semiannual basis to keep your driveway maintained all year long. Is your HOA fining you because of oil or rust in stains in your driveway? We get the HOA off your back by professionally steam cleaning your driveway to remove all stain, dirt, and debris. We clean hundreds of driveways a year. Call today for a free driveway cleaning quote!

Shrink Wrapping

We utilize plows up to effectively combat Missouri’s winter for commercial and residential properties. Leveraging our specialized tools and experience we can help you.

Salting & De-Icing

Through winter it is essential to manage the property risks, including icing. We help to identify where your property is most at risk and plan for effective salting and de-icing.

Sidewalk Clearing & Management

We help keep St Louis and surrounding areas’ sidewalks clear. Utilizing our specialized tools and experience we can help manage your property through the winter. We stay on top of winter storms so we can keep your sidewalks clear.

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