Sharky Clean Pressure Washing St louis MO



Sharky Clean is your local provider of the top-rated fleet washing and heavy equipment cleaning services. We know how important your fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment is to the success of your business. Your business and your customers depend on the safety and reliability of your trucks, tankers, flatbeds, semis, front-loader, backhoes, and more. No matter what type of vehicles or equipment your business uses, Sharky Clean provides professional, safe, and affordable cleaning services.

We offer premium elite fleet washing services that remove dirt, oil, grimes, salt, and other corrosive materials and build-up. Our goal is to help you maintain clean vehicles and equipment and protect your business from regulatory fines and other hazards. Routine fleet washing protects your assets from damage and keeps them looking and working like new. Our team of experienced cleaning professionals is always up to date on all local, state, and federal regulations for waste-water management and industry best practices.


Clean vehicles are safer vehicles. They allow for easier maintenance and inspections as well as help build your business’s reputation. Our heavy equipment cleaning ensures your products and services won’t be interrupted due to preventable damage and dirty equipment. We want to ensure your equipment is up to code and in line with all local health regulations. Sharky Clean uses the highest-quality equipment and non-corrosive cleaners to safely and thoroughly clean, sanitize, and restore your fleet and heavy machinery.

As a business owner, you have a lot to worry about. Cleaning your vehicles and equipment doesn’t have to be one of them. Trust the fleet washing and heavy equipment cleaning specialists at Sharky Clean with the health and safety of your largest investments. Call or visit us to schedule a free estimate or to learn more about our premium fleet and equipment cleaning today.

Sharky Clean specializes in cleaning all types of trucks such as Semi Trucks, Tanker Trucks, Box Trucks, Trash Trucks, Delivery Vans, Utility Trucks, Equipment, etc

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