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Did you know that regular pressure washing of your building can protect and prolong the life of painted and block surfaces on your building? Your building will experience extreme sun, high pollution, and dust storms.  These elements equal disaster for the exterior of your building, deteriorating the paint and block surfaces. Sharky Clean can help you by safely pressure washing your building to remove these damaging elements and protect your investment. Pressure washing your building is also a great way to clean off unsightly bird droppings, nests, cobwebs, and more. Pressure washing is an affordable solution to cleaning and extending the life of your building’s exterior surface. Our trained and experienced pressure washing professionals are looking forward to serving you. Call today for a free estimate of pressure washing your building.

Types of buildings: Apartments, Condominiums, Schools, Strip Centers, Medical Centers, Gas Stations, Car Dealers, Banks, Restaurants, HOA’s, Car Washes, Parking Garages, Helicopter Pads, Tennis Courts, Play Grounds, Sidewalks, Industrial, Gyms, Pet Care Centers, Boat Dealers, etc. We CLEAN ANYTHING!


The experts at Sharky Clean will have your Artificial Turf come back to life. Artificial turf can be a magnet for mold! The blades of artificial turf are held upright by a silicon sand base. The base traps moisture and the grass provides shade, which are the two main ingredients necessary for mold growth. Pets love lounging on artificial grass due to its soft feel and texture. However, it is inevitable that they are going to litter on the artificial turf. Pets are going to cause stains on artificial turf. Don’t worry, Sharky Clean experts will have your turf looking clean and fresh in no time!


Clean windows are a must. With breath taking views and beautiful sunsets, you don’t want dirty windows getting in your way. At Sharky Clean, we always want to give you the best service possible, which is why we separate our pressure washing and window cleaning services. We have designated trained crews who specialize in doing what they do best: window cleaning. Our window cleaning services include hard water removal, paint removal, tape and sticker removal, screen cleaning, and window sill and exposed track cleaning. Call today to schedule your window cleaning and don’t miss another beautiful sunset.


At Sharky Clean, let one of our pros handle these unsafe cleaning situations. No matter how hard you try and keep a clean trash bin or dumpster area clean, you will face the risk of falls, pesky critters, insects, flies, smelly odors, and overall a dirty looking ugly site. These situations need a heavy duty high pressure cleaning to do it correctly. These areas can quickly become ugly, hazardous, odorous, and a haven for these pesky critters and insects. So, let our professionals at Sharky Clean set up a maintenance plan to take care of these issues for you.


You may be asking yourself; “What can pressure washing do for me and my business?” Pressure washing is much more than just spraying water. With the combination of high and low pressure producing temperatures up to 250 degree, effective chemical application, and trained pressure washing professionals, we are able to safely remove gum, graffiti, oil, rust, and other miscellaneous spills and stains. If it can get wet, we can pressure wash it. Your building will experience a lot of dirt. We pressure wash buildings, walkways, dumpster pad, parking structures, shopping carts, play area, picnic areas, and much, much more. We are the “Premier Pressure Washing Company” and we want to help keep your property clean.

Call us today for a free pressure washing quote on anything you need clean. “Just Call The Pros.”


Concrete receives very high amounts of foot traffic walking up and down walkways and entryways into your business. Pressure washing on a regular basis is recommended to maintain a professional and clean image. It doesn’t take long for those areas to become dirty with all the foot traffic. Sharky Clean maintains commercial concrete during your business’s off hours.

We don’t want to interfere with your business or give anyone reason to go elsewhere, our job is to enhance your business and help attract more customers. Make your business’s first appearance a clean one. Call Sharky Clean to set up a maintenance plan to pressure wash your concrete walkways today!


We utilize plows up to effectively combat Missouri’s winter for commercial and residential properties. Leveraging our specialized tools and experience we can help you.

Salting & De-Icing

Through winter it is essential to manage the property risks, including icing. We help to identify where your property is most at risk and plan for effective salting and de-icing.

Sidewalk Clearing & Management

We help keep St Louis and surrounding areas’ sidewalks clear. Utilizing our specialized tools and experience we can help manage your property through the winter. We stay on top of winter storms so we can keep your sidewalks clear.

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